AREMAC-Polymer       Advanced Research Machines for Polymer.

AREMAC-Polymer proposes  apparatus and services for the prototyping of microfluidic polymer devices.



OpticMac5 is an innovative milling machine achieving a very high accurate optical positioning for micromachining. This enabling technology opens the way for new microfluidic system design and fabrication with easier fluidic component equipment (such as fluidic connectors, micro-valves...) and sensor integration (optical, electrical, biological...).

ThermoMac3 is a thermoforming machine to engrave channels and cavities in microfluidic devices. It is a hot-embossing press, but with the possibility to make devices directly from polymer pellets. Moreover, the designing and the operating process of this machine allow to reduce the strength on the stamps during the polymer compression. 

Stamp manufacturing Kit: The stamps are used in hot-embossing press to engrave channels and cavities. The micro-structures leading to channels and cavities are built on a stainless steel disc by nickel electroplating with a LIGA process.


       Manufacturing of microstructured metallic stamps for hot- embossing applications.

       Design of microfluidic devices according to customer's specifications and low volume production.

       Development of specific thermoforming machines for microfluidic applications.

       Instrumental development for the interfacing of sensor and actuator of microfluidic devices.



Microfluidic Device
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